Rise and Shine

by Beach Stav

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released April 17, 2015

all songs by Beach Stav



all rights reserved


Beach Stav Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Rise and Shine
Rise and shine, you little creep.
I've relished on the day when
when we went away into denser fog,
we burned the old log
and roast the hog on western spits, eastern philosophy.
Let's grind away the trees until hollowed down,
the boat is out of my country, tis of thee.

You say it's all I ever think of
and now it's all we saw.
You wonder if we should be here at all.

For all the stupid things you say,
you make a lovely case.
Let's head back to the states where they're still holding on just to hold on.
Track Name: Magic Market
In front of Magic Market
(which used to be Joe's,
was a originally a serpent's
who peddled astral dream to children-
but the children weren't original either)
I sat down on the concrete
with my hands under my ass.
This used to be brick laid by my grandpa
and your grandpa
while the lunches they ate
from the young hands of our grandmas
were ultimately fake as well.

...we'll sell it off for groceries,
tell them you're an infant
and try hard not to smile.

It's where we used to watch the planes fly
from the southern to the north sky
changing blue sky into new sky
but we knew once it was through
the sky would just go back from new to blue again.
Track Name: Witch Stav
I never said you were a witch
but you'll be a witch to me
the very first time you see how I love you
so sweet, it'll chunk your cheeks, force feed.
Then you'll be a witch to me.

I always said you was a bitch
because you've always been a bitch to me
from the very first time i feed upon your feet
so sweet, I could eat your meat, you'll see
that you'll be a bitch to me.
Track Name: The Beast
I woke up in the dark, in the night
but the curtains weren't the curtains
and the walls wasn't white.
But I was still the beast, and you still the light
as them outside they roll in delight.

You told the walls and the face on the door
that we was going nowhere,
and you ain't going no more.
I folded all the laundry, you spilled your drink on the floor
as I anxious pegged you for a fright.

By the middle of the night, little baby wants to bob,
little babe get it right.
I'll always be your mama just as long as you like
because I guess that I think it's alright.

You woke up, though you usually sleep tight,
put a blanket on the kettle, burned your wrist on the right.
Left-leaning little lover, you're the passionate type
so don't try and make this alright.

Because by the middle of the night, little baby wants the bob,
little babe get it right.
I'll dress up as your mama just so long as you like
because I guess that I think it's alright.
Track Name: Fire Hydrant
Cannon and Corinne what do you want to play today?
I've got a face for a mile and it really wants to stay.
So eloquently you speak about your broken ways.
If you make it alive, you know you've done good things.

But, boy, in the wake of an alarming time
you find out you're a god by waiting in the road.

Every while is a long while for a man who prays as he might.
Every time is a long time to make you shuffle and die.
Track Name: New Times
O,The new times are coming.
O, the new times are here.
That means the old times are dying
so sit back and open a beer
because it means when I look back from here
I can see the young hearts of the ones that I've done
hold me in bitter contempt.
But the dogs that I've loved and the streets that I've run,
no, they haven't thought twice on me yet.

O, the new times are coming.
O, the new times are here.
That means the old times are dying
so, please, when you open your beer
tell them you heard it first here
from the guy in the chair with his nose in the air
who thought they all waited for him

Because truth be told I can't wait to get old
and die like the patron saints.
The ones that I've loved and the ones who've loved me,
no, they just ain't the same.
No. They ain't.